Current Catalog

Available in print worldwide and online, and in Kindle format.

A Wild Sea coverA Wild Sea (Rebecca Montague)

Katherine thought she was coming to Smith Island to say goodbye to the personal ghosts that haunted the place, but some things refuse to go quietly.


Allergic ReactionAllergic Reaction (Leslie Adams)

The last place police Detective Porter Sienna wanted to investigate a murder was the upper class neighborhood where she grew up.


Barnfire CoverBarnfire (Rebecca Montague)

Elizabeth Casey wasn’t looking for romance when she came to spend the summer on her aunt and uncle’s farm in rural Pennsylvania.  She certainly didn’t expect to find it in the arms of a reclusive local painter old enough to be her mother.


Erotic Interludes coverErotic Interludes, volume 1 (available online now, in bookstores soon)

Sometimes you just want to sweat a little … Enjoy the ideal literary snack for those moments when you want something spicy but not too filling.  These ten short works of erotic fiction by Cape Winds authors offer full servings of steamy lesbian pleasure perfect for a lazy afternoon or bedtime read.


Lee's Awakening CoverLee’s Awakening (Rebecca Montague) (available online now, in bookstores soon)

Socialite Lee Compton is about to learn that when it comes to love, there are no rules.  A chance meeting with decidedly blue-collar Ray Elliot sets both on a path that will turn their perfect worlds upside down.


Tahoma CoverTahoma (M. Broughton Boone) (available in Kindle soon)

The year is 1883, the place is the Washington Territory and Agnes Farwell still mourns the death of her father less than a year before.  All she wants is the house her father had promised her, a house whose shell sits as empty as her heart.


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