Author Spotlight: Rebecca Montague

Rebecca Montague’s writings are the cornerstone of Cape Winds Press.  Her latest novel is Lee’s Awakening, available in print and for Kindle.

Realistic.  Erotic.  Romantic.

These are words I try to encompass in my writing. I like to create characters you can imagine knowing in person and put them in situations where romance is unexpected and yet inevitable. My themes tend to include coming out and May-December love, because both provide equal doses of resistance and surrender.

I don’t shy away from description-and plenty of it-because a romance should make your heart beat faster!

The question I am asked most is whether my books are autobiographical.  While I do use places I am familiar with, I can’t claim to have had nearly as exciting a life as those of my characters.  I live in Florida with my partner and assorted pets.



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