Erotic Interludes, volume 1 now in print

Erotic Interludes cover

Steamy lesbian shorts from Leslie Adams, Rebecca Montague, and newcomer Vicky Smythe

Our first collection of erotic short fiction is now available in paperback and will soon be reaching a bookstore near you.  Also available in Kindle format for purchase.

Sometimes you just want to sweat a little…

Enjoy the ideal literary snack for those moments when you want something spicy but not too filling. These ten short works of erotic fiction offer full servings of steamy lesbian pleasure perfect for a lazy afternoon or bedtime read.

From Taking a Ride (Vicky Smythe):

Lauren’s breath grew ragged and she lifted a hand to the back of Deanna’s head, holding her against her breast. Deanna closed her lips and flicked rapidly at the tip of the nipple in her mouth, feeling Lauren’s response with a hungry pleasure. She drew back and let the nipple scrape through her teeth before kissing to the second to repeat her attentions. Finally, when she sensed Lauren’s legs trembling, she lifted her hands and undid the woman’s belt and the button of her jeans.

From Emerald Eyes (Leslie Adams, author of Allergic Reaction):

She reached up to pull Beth against her mouth, but Beth resisted. Before Stephanie could protest, she felt Beth’s hands at the button of her jeans. With agonizing slowness, Beth unzipped her pants and pulled them down. Stephanie lifted her hips automatically, feeling the air on her thighs and then–suddenly–Beth’s breath against the cotton of her briefs.

From Lightning (Rebecca Montague, author of A Wild Sea and Barnfire):

Cori rolled on top of me, her hips pressing between my thighs with gentle insistence. I spread my legs and welcomed her, sliding my arms around her body as she bit down my neck to my shoulder once again, capturing me with her teeth. Her hips nudged against mine, beckoning, promising. Her hand slid between our bodies, searching out my heat. She made a soft sound as she covered her fingers in my wetness, exploring me with a gentle touch.

The Stories:

Patricia is more interested in an artist than the art at a friend’s gallery opening, and finds Christa more than willing to collaborate privately in the curator’s office.

Twenty year-old Stephanie discovers just how deeply her attraction to fellow counselor Beth runs when the pair spend a summer evening alone on the lake shore of their camp.

Dusty greets partner Alyson home from a business trip with open arms and willing lips.

Toni has never kissed another woman, but she is eager to see if reality is as fulfilling as her dreams have appeared when the perfect opportunity appears in the form of raven-haired Kara.

Angelina is having trouble getting over ex-girlfriend Sarah, but her best friend Kerry is willing to offer a little horizontal therapy to help her move on.

The last thing Melissa wants is another emotional relationship, but a chance meeting with beautiful Katherine offers a chance to get tangled up in a far more satisfying way.

A blizzard forces thirty year-old Ellen to take shelter in a stranger’s house, and before the storm lifts she finds out that what she has been missing in her life is a woman like Marty.

A dull Friday night takes an interesting turn when Deanna meets visiting Lauren at a Daytona Beach bar and finds Lauren is looking for more than a ride on her Harley.

Beverly is convinced she’ll never find love, but when a thunderstorm strands her at good friend Cori’s, she realizes that lightning truly does strike when least expected.

Suddenly single at fifty, Terri McKenzie isn’t sure she can rekindle the sexual hunger of her youth. A chance encounter with Arizona, a woman half her age, at the local lesbian bar proves fateful as Terri finds herself surrendering to Arizona’s hungry desires. As the flames of their affair burn higher, Terri regains belief in her own passion and her ability to seek love once again.


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